The Grey Guard

Role: The Grey Guard are a organization that are primarily responsible for defending the surface world from the demonic threats that roam the Underdark. It is funded by various different governments but beholden to no one, avoiding politics and surface warfare so that they can fight their continuous battle. The Grey Guard are located throughout the whole continent, specifically any place tunnels from the underdark are found. At these entrances they typically build a fort, walls, and other fortifications in order to block off the Underdark. It is not uncommon for towns to spring up around the larger forts as the constant need for supplies brings in trade. These forts although built by the Guard are funded by the local governments who are also responsible for giving the forts a stipend to spend on food, weapons, and other expenses. The most controversial part of the agreement is that the governments are also required to give certain amounts of men and women each year to fortify the Guard and their establishments. These people are required to join the Grey Guard, a position that lasts for a lifetime. Although volunteers occasionally appear most governments send their convicts in order to meet the quota. There are three distinct portions of the guard:

  • The Grey Guard – the largest group and the one the organization as a whole is known to the common folk. The Grey Guard are responsible for manning the forts and defending the tunnels that connect the surface and the Underdark. Of the three the Guard itself is closest to a government as they must keep their soldiers in line when they are at war and keep them from causing trouble when they are not.
  • The Silver Inquisition – This group, composed only of volunteers, deal with demonic threats that are already on the surface for whatever reason. They are also responsible for tracking down new tunnels on the surface side. Although they are a specific group they rarely work in groups larger than 4, preferring to work in smaller teams unless they come across a larger threat. Because of their work they are allowed to travel away from established forts for extended periods of time. However they must still report to a Grey Guard establishment every 6 months.
  • The Ashen Knights – The smallest group of the Guard are the Ashen Knights. They are responsible for mapping out as much of the Underdark as possible, tracking the demons movement, and try to find new tunnels to the surface. The life expectancy of a Ashen Knight is very low, and the more experience members have the respect of the entire Guard. It is not uncommon for a squad of Ashen knights to be gone for months at a time. Their work makes them reclusive and as long as they get results they are allowed to do almost anything without impunity.

At the end of the Second Age a horde of demons launched a campaign against the surface, emerging from various tunnels across the continent. At a great price the surface world fought the demons and forced them to retreat back to the Underdark. After that several attempts by countries and adventurers were made to clear out the underdark, all that ended in failure. As it became evident that the demons threat would linger indefinitely several small organizations sprung up in order to defend the border. Years passed and the governments began to focus on the other issues. Resources for those small organizations began to become scarce. After a breach in the Necromancer’s domain, the forces joined together to form what is now the Grey Guard. Now sharing resources and knowledge they formed a contract with the governments that established the current domain. Now they mainly focus on maintaining the defense to prevent stray demonic forces from wandering to the surface.


  • Most members of the Grey Guard have various methods of keeping the members from rebelling. It can vary from magical compulsions to manhunts. A person is a Grey Guard for life.
  • Although there is no evidence formally linking the Warforged to the Underdark, since the Warforged come from mysterious tunnels in mysterious cities they are highly suspicious of them.
  • Because the most common Grey Guard seen are the Silver Inquisition, most assume the Guard is composed of monstly Paladins and Clerics. In reality most are simple fighters trained in the forts, and any source of power is accepted as long as it is used against the demons.


  • The Grey Wardens from Dragon Age
  • The Night’s Watch from Game of Thrones
  • The military in Attack on Titan

The Grey Guard

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