The Untold History of Inoa

The Fifth Session

07/10/2017 Session

Quick Retcon Section

We did solo sessions to change up the last part of the last session because yah!

Interesting People

Gorvo – The human fighter that’s as swole as a goliath.
Gorvo’s Cleric – A healer for Gorvo.
Gorvo’s little Buddy – The shortest of friendships.
Gorvo’s Other friend – The Astor of the group!

Locations of Interest

An alleyway. Look man, there was a magic dealer in there.

What Our Mission Is For the Next Campaign

We’re paid escorts! Wait.

Ji’Chira’s Spendings

Ji’Chira spent 1550 gold on a rock! And a ring. The rock is actually the more exciting item.

44 gold pieces to split 8 way….somehow. magically.

The Short Notes

Ji’Chira and Vin go do solo things and are back by 10. Chira suggests, “hey lets distribute the rewards.”

The gang arrives at the auction at 12, and everybody bought some items. Where Chira didn’t. And by bought some items, i mean everyone bought exactly 2 items.
(Astor – Drapes for 600, ring of washing for 125. No one questioned what he was going to do with those drapes.)
(Vin bought a bell of silent ringing for 100 and brooch of shielding for 550)
(Ishroh got a deck of many shings and a bag of stuff for a total of 1150)

Everyone attuned to stuff! Vin gives Chira the bell as a scouting tool.

Vin and Chira tells the gang about their respective missions (that they discovered from their solo sessions). Chira and Astor go to Takes to confirm the reward for the mission. Turns out its bigger than Chira initially thought it would be. It’s to escort 16 wagons for 14 days…but its 1,000 gold each day (to split 8 ways).

Chira and Astor convinced the team to do Chira’s mission, after offering Vin his share of the pay. Vin really wanted to help the college of magical students, who have been going missing for two months, and Vin really thought it would be better pay per day doing this mission, which has had the city kind of in a tough spot for two whole months, than our two week escort because Vin believes it would only take 4 days to solve this quest. One day for each of us.

Chira goes off on his own to tell Takes the good news and possibly do some chores/recon work for the B^3 before they go off on the escort mission next morning.

Astor takes Ishroh to get drunk cause Astor really just needs a friend, cause he’s so misunderstood. He’s not crazy, he’s perfectly normal. In an eyeless, likes-to-carve-out-eyes kind of normal.

Vin also drinks, but because he is a goliath in a gnome city, this puny alcohol does nothing for him so he patrols outside. He runs into people weeping into their hands. These people are dirty, and in ragged clothes. Vin asks if they are ok, and receives a sarcastic answer, only for them to then state that their last ship got Exodia’d. Vin goes off on his marry way, avoiding a possible quest hook. Thank god.

Chira notices college students hanging outside in an alleyway, possibly smoking the Ganja, that Mary Jane, the reefer, the tweedy weedy, the good stuff. You know the stuff that gets the real rockstars going. The stuff that some people claim to work more wonders than a high level cleric. The stuff that gets you wooly… OH Shit its the mysterious magic sellsman. Chira buys a ring and a stone for 1550 because everyone else bought two magic items at the auction, so why not.

Well, new day, time for escorts!

Day 4 a random encounter happened. Oh shit, boys. This was a tough one.

Trees were knocked over into the road. We got ambushed by like, 12 dudes, and people in the forest off in the distance was shooting arrows!

Lol nevermind their boss dude didn’t know how to walk. Also, what the shit? Astor has ranged spells? And he can hit with them? He done a good? 325 experience.

22 dead bodies lay on the ground. 44 gold was found to split…8 ways. PROFIT!


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