The Untold History of Inoa

The Third Session

6/5/2017 Session

Quick Retcon Section

We retconned back to the hag sighting in the window to redo the conversation so Ishroh can actually take a part in it rather than standing still, drool hanging from his gaping mouth, like a mindless drone. Surely, things can only be in a better position than what they were.

Interesting People

Birdnard – Ishroh’s buddy. Wait, buddy, I mean vengeful spirit haunting Ishroh because apparently Ishroh is actually an interesting character.

Locations of Interest

No real new location of interest, just an interesting arcane sigil Astor decided to place on the ground outside the Hag Shack.

What Our Mission Is For the Next Campaign

We head back to Kadena (on the 4th day)…after we do the random encounter on the first day of travelling back.

Ji’Chira’s Spendings and The Gang’s EPIC loot

Ji’Chira spent no money, but the gang received:

  • 2 Healing Potions
  • 2 Alchemist Fire
  • Bundle of Spices
  • Locked box of money
  • Silk pouch
  • Magical Wand with a Blue Fire Crystal.

The Short Notes

TIME WARP!??!?!?! We’re back to the hag sighting. That’s exSIGHTING!

Vin takes the lead talking. Lol god why.

Just kidding, Ishroh actually steps up to talk about…the magical barriers and asks her specifically if she has seen magical stuff. Even more specifically he talks about abjuration. Yep.

The hag is “slightly” more suspicious of us than she was before the time warp. Great. Surely this will still go well.

Vin suggests to the part that we should surround the house. Vin and Chira will come at it from the front while Astor and Ishroh go from the back. Why Vin decided to separate himself from Ishroh even though they have been buddies this entire adventure so far was never brought up, nor did anyone really ask.

Also surprising, while Astor was sneaking around the house he made a lot of noise because of his armor and because he is just Astor. did I call this surprising?

Oh snap, there’s an actual back door.

BAM! The Hag busts open the back door and she open fires at Astor. BLAT BLAT BLAT! MAGIC MISSILES GO FLYING AT ASTOR FOR 12 WHOLE DAMAGE!

Combat begins!!!!! Here is a list of things that did not go well during combat.

  • Ji’Chira was put to sleep
  • Astor got his shit pushed in real hard and was knocked out unconscious. Almost died.
  • Ishroh got knocked out, but he was able to stabilize. It honestly was a miracle that rolls were on our side.

Vin defeated the hag, goes to wake up Ji’Chira, who then ran immediately to heal the gang. He started with healing Astor, because he looked the most wounded and Astor has somehow not creeped out Ji’Chira once this adventure. This was a blessing.

Astor wakes up while Ji’Chira heals Ishroh, who would not wake up from the magical powers of HEALING!

While healing, Ji’Chira notices the body of the hag twitching while Vin was trying to chop off its head. Chira shouts to Vin, but it was too late. The body got up and charged Ishroh and just began to whoop his unconscious face into pudding. This assault woke up Ishroh, who woke up shouting “BIRDNARD!”

New round of combat begins. We won, woo hoo.

Astor finish cutting off the head while Vin went inside the house. Vin maybe possible, killed the hag children, but not the good children.

Astor finally revealed that he is FUCKING CRAZY as he carves out the left eye of the hag, buried it, and then etched and arcane sigil into the ground all with the same delicate elven knife.

We loot the house! Chira found a big ass tome with moving images of beasts. It’s basically a magical monster manual. Oh also there is a dagger in the spine of the book.

Ishroh notices something bundled up in a blanket. He pokes it with his staff. It began crying. Oh right our mission was to find some infants. This one appears unhealthy, but it isn’t a fiend.

Astor is reading letters he found on the desk while Vin maps the magical barrier.

Chira notes some blankets covering something in the corner of the house. Chira calls for Vin to lift it up, as Vin is clearly the most capable fighter in the group in case of traps. It was actually a lockbox. Some might even call it a treasure chest.

Proving that he isn’t crazy, Astor wiggles a rock at it. Wait, that’s a sign of a crazy person. Vin just bashes the lock.

Inside there are, 7 potions. one leaking, 2 cracked, and 4 fine. a total of 3 of them are healing potions, but one is the leaking potion. There is also one silk pouch bound slightly, a “small” locked box of money that the group didn’t unlock, a bundle of spices, and a dope ass wand.

The dope ass wand is silver, got some spiral loops, and at the end is a blue crystal shaped like fire.

We ended up taking pretty much all of it except for the two cracked potions and the leaking healing potions. Oh, the 2 fine potions that weren’t healing potions are alchemy fire that go off when exposed to air.

We note Astor still has the head of the hag….he plans to give it as proof to the mayor. Cause Astor is totally not crazy.

We go to the town, tell the mayor everything, Astor gives him the head, and also we brought the children back.

Ji’Chira checks on Pomi to make sure she is healing from the curse and to confirm that the hag was the only cause. Pomi seems to be healing and will be alright.

The gang slept at the inn.

The next day, a town meeting is happening. Thogo de Mayor is explaining to the townsfolk everything that happened. We’re totally heroes. The people are told not to go near the Clap Shack (Claptra the Hag’s home).

Vin suggests we go back to bury the bodies so the gang does just that. They then set off for Kadena on a nice, uneventful 2 days of travels.
Shit there’s a random encounter.


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