The Untold History of Inoa

The Fifth Session

07/10/2017 Session

Quick Retcon Section

We did solo sessions to change up the last part of the last session because yah!

Interesting People

Gorvo – The human fighter that’s as swole as a goliath.
Gorvo’s Cleric – A healer for Gorvo.
Gorvo’s little Buddy – The shortest of friendships.
Gorvo’s Other friend – The Astor of the group!

Locations of Interest

An alleyway. Look man, there was a magic dealer in there.

What Our Mission Is For the Next Campaign

We’re paid escorts! Wait.

Ji’Chira’s Spendings

Ji’Chira spent 1550 gold on a rock! And a ring. The rock is actually the more exciting item.

44 gold pieces to split 8 way….somehow. magically.

The Short Notes

Ji’Chira and Vin go do solo things and are back by 10. Chira suggests, “hey lets distribute the rewards.”

The gang arrives at the auction at 12, and everybody bought some items. Where Chira didn’t. And by bought some items, i mean everyone bought exactly 2 items.
(Astor – Drapes for 600, ring of washing for 125. No one questioned what he was going to do with those drapes.)
(Vin bought a bell of silent ringing for 100 and brooch of shielding for 550)
(Ishroh got a deck of many shings and a bag of stuff for a total of 1150)

Everyone attuned to stuff! Vin gives Chira the bell as a scouting tool.

Vin and Chira tells the gang about their respective missions (that they discovered from their solo sessions). Chira and Astor go to Takes to confirm the reward for the mission. Turns out its bigger than Chira initially thought it would be. It’s to escort 16 wagons for 14 days…but its 1,000 gold each day (to split 8 ways).

Chira and Astor convinced the team to do Chira’s mission, after offering Vin his share of the pay. Vin really wanted to help the college of magical students, who have been going missing for two months, and Vin really thought it would be better pay per day doing this mission, which has had the city kind of in a tough spot for two whole months, than our two week escort because Vin believes it would only take 4 days to solve this quest. One day for each of us.

Chira goes off on his own to tell Takes the good news and possibly do some chores/recon work for the B^3 before they go off on the escort mission next morning.

Astor takes Ishroh to get drunk cause Astor really just needs a friend, cause he’s so misunderstood. He’s not crazy, he’s perfectly normal. In an eyeless, likes-to-carve-out-eyes kind of normal.

Vin also drinks, but because he is a goliath in a gnome city, this puny alcohol does nothing for him so he patrols outside. He runs into people weeping into their hands. These people are dirty, and in ragged clothes. Vin asks if they are ok, and receives a sarcastic answer, only for them to then state that their last ship got Exodia’d. Vin goes off on his marry way, avoiding a possible quest hook. Thank god.

Chira notices college students hanging outside in an alleyway, possibly smoking the Ganja, that Mary Jane, the reefer, the tweedy weedy, the good stuff. You know the stuff that gets the real rockstars going. The stuff that some people claim to work more wonders than a high level cleric. The stuff that gets you wooly… OH Shit its the mysterious magic sellsman. Chira buys a ring and a stone for 1550 because everyone else bought two magic items at the auction, so why not.

Well, new day, time for escorts!

Day 4 a random encounter happened. Oh shit, boys. This was a tough one.

Trees were knocked over into the road. We got ambushed by like, 12 dudes, and people in the forest off in the distance was shooting arrows!

Lol nevermind their boss dude didn’t know how to walk. Also, what the shit? Astor has ranged spells? And he can hit with them? He done a good? 325 experience.

22 dead bodies lay on the ground. 44 gold was found to split…8 ways. PROFIT!

The Fourth Session

6/19/2017 Session

Quick Retcon Section

From last session, surprisingly nothing. But during the session, we did some time rewinding to when we were at shops, and part of this session are going to be redone for solo sessions

Interesting People

Nyxim Brini – Dead Gnome
Galen Murdo – Gnome who died on Eadu while secretly trying to help the rebels.
Mac Growpha – Human who is also dead

Locations of Interest

Bridan,Texas – Home of Tekes

What Our Mission Is For the Next Campaign

Something exciting

Ji’Chira’s Spendings

The team gained:
250 copper, 590 silver, 1200 gold

spent 150 gold on magic item identify gained 10 gold from spices….

Sooooo 1060 gold, 590 silver, 250 copper.

Ji’Chira spent 100 gold of his share to silver his weapon.

The Short Notes

The session starts with the random encounter on the road!

Its these gross, bird like creatures feasting on some corpse wearing armor. The creatures have blue wings, white faces, antlers, red torso and other body parts of random color representing their gay pride of their culture.

Ishroh scouts forward. A gust of wind made it look like as if he had another claustrophobic attack. Ishroh reports back to the team and Vin suggests the party buffs up before approaching, as he stairs down Astor.

We move forward, alerting the monsters who instantly fly up into the air. we are now 4/4 on non-stealthful approaches of targets we attend to kill.

Vin notes that there are traps along the road between us and the body.

Combat starts.

Astor eats shit, surprising, but we cleared it out.

We go check the body in the middle of the road, now noting there are a total of three; 2 gnomes and 1 human. The human was the body in armor. They have a bounty page, saying there are monsters killing people on this path. Also, they have trap building tools (shovels) nearby, suggesting that they built the traps in the road to try and capture the beasts.

Vin buries the bodies and reveals the traps.

The wizard gnome had his name on the spellbook and he also had a student ID for the gnome school of magic. His name was Nyxim Brini. RIP Nyxim Brini.

Vin checks the bounty page and discovers that the other two travelers were named Galen Murdo and the human was named Mac Growpha.

We loot the bodies for items! Wait, I mean, we gather their personal belongings to pass them on to there next of kin. Except Vin straight up stole the human’s armor. He’s going to repair that and hopefully finally get a much needed upgrade. Oh wait, Vin is the carry. It’s Astor who needs the upgrade.

The team makes it back to Kadena around noon on the 6th day.

The team immediately heads to the B3, B-Cubed (B^3), BBB, Bounty Board Bureau, to turn in the bounty for the travelers and complete our quest. We explained to the clerk what went down and instead of taking the 300 gold, we offered to have it be passed to the next of kin.

Vin goes to check on his armor. It will take a day to finish. Chira, finally taking part in the session, tries to geet the box of money opened but was charged a little too much as Astor doesn’t understand the concept of haggling. Chira travels to a second merchant, who turned us away because we didn’t have proof it was our box even though we clearly knew it was money inside. Astor then decides to open the box himself, because apparently Astor can do amazing things when the Voice of God starts to sound frustrated.

Tah duh! 250 copper, 590 silver, 1200 gold!

Vin and Ishroh went drinking, but Astor and Chira find them and takes them get stuff identified. It was 50 gold for each item, for a grand total of 150. Well, 200 cause Astor wanted to check out his rock, but he paid for it himself.

It took about 40 minutes (10 minutes each). The inspector returns, noting the silk pouch is dust of sneezing and choking, Wand of Magic Missile, an OP Book (will get to that), and the rock is indeed magical of unknown magic! Astor got a refund for that last one.

Now the book. The Monster Manual. It’s complicated, so time to sit back and get learned something. You put monsters into the blank pages. Cut a monster/person who has been deceased for no longer than 30 minutes with the blade in the spine of the book, wipe the blood on the blank page. If you tear the page out and use the command word (KimKahWooKow – Elven for Oh Shit, Bad Guy), you will summon the creature for 6 hours, at which point it will then die a horrible death. Horribly. the creature will follow the commands of the summoner for the duration. The book has a dire wolf, mimic, and a Pegasus. It has 110 blank pages remaining, and must be attuned.

Chira gives the book to Vin, a paladin. So he must be righteous and holy and good. Not some vengeful spirit out for vengeance.

Chira sells the spices for 10 gold!

Chira does street performances for 5ish hours to waste the rest of the day, gaining 27 silver!

Its a new day!!!!! note this all gets retconned or something

Vin picks up his armor. He was told it looks tongue click sound tongue click sound good. He immediately leaves to go find Garem.

Chira goes to find Tekes at Big Al. According to Tekes, another is interested in the journal. It was a gnome wizard who was curious. He wasn’t wearing armor. Had a cloak and a beard. He even offed to pay for it, but Tekes was a honorable man and said no, he already promised to give it to someone for free.

Tekes is also worried about people outside the inn, worried more so about his new found wealth. He states his house is in the city of Bridan and hands Chira his address, who then offers his, and the teams, services to escort him home if he is worried for his money.

Rewind back in time! Vin buys a magic wand that looks like a hilt of a sword that has a one time use to turn into a non-magical silver sword for 110 gold. The magic word “Ssshrrooooooooom”.

Rewind Rewind. The first blacksmith offers silvering of weapons for just 100 gold. Chira jumps on that for his rapier.

Vin does his solo things now.

Vin arrives to Garrem’s office at the school. It’s packed. Like, super packed. Like a can of sardines, but all the sardines are alive and flailing for their lives packed. Garrem is trying to get them to go see the headmaster for more details about a new quest. Vin, being large and intimidating, tells the crowd to go find the headmaster, and the entire crowd leaves. Wait, no, Vin’s voice cracked and he sounded like a prepubescent little boy and was ignored. Garem is telling him to come back another day.

The Third Session

6/5/2017 Session

Quick Retcon Section

We retconned back to the hag sighting in the window to redo the conversation so Ishroh can actually take a part in it rather than standing still, drool hanging from his gaping mouth, like a mindless drone. Surely, things can only be in a better position than what they were.

Interesting People

Birdnard – Ishroh’s buddy. Wait, buddy, I mean vengeful spirit haunting Ishroh because apparently Ishroh is actually an interesting character.

Locations of Interest

No real new location of interest, just an interesting arcane sigil Astor decided to place on the ground outside the Hag Shack.

What Our Mission Is For the Next Campaign

We head back to Kadena (on the 4th day)…after we do the random encounter on the first day of travelling back.

Ji’Chira’s Spendings and The Gang’s EPIC loot

Ji’Chira spent no money, but the gang received:

  • 2 Healing Potions
  • 2 Alchemist Fire
  • Bundle of Spices
  • Locked box of money
  • Silk pouch
  • Magical Wand with a Blue Fire Crystal.

The Short Notes

TIME WARP!??!?!?! We’re back to the hag sighting. That’s exSIGHTING!

Vin takes the lead talking. Lol god why.

Just kidding, Ishroh actually steps up to talk about…the magical barriers and asks her specifically if she has seen magical stuff. Even more specifically he talks about abjuration. Yep.

The hag is “slightly” more suspicious of us than she was before the time warp. Great. Surely this will still go well.

Vin suggests to the part that we should surround the house. Vin and Chira will come at it from the front while Astor and Ishroh go from the back. Why Vin decided to separate himself from Ishroh even though they have been buddies this entire adventure so far was never brought up, nor did anyone really ask.

Also surprising, while Astor was sneaking around the house he made a lot of noise because of his armor and because he is just Astor. did I call this surprising?

Oh snap, there’s an actual back door.

BAM! The Hag busts open the back door and she open fires at Astor. BLAT BLAT BLAT! MAGIC MISSILES GO FLYING AT ASTOR FOR 12 WHOLE DAMAGE!

Combat begins!!!!! Here is a list of things that did not go well during combat.

  • Ji’Chira was put to sleep
  • Astor got his shit pushed in real hard and was knocked out unconscious. Almost died.
  • Ishroh got knocked out, but he was able to stabilize. It honestly was a miracle that rolls were on our side.

Vin defeated the hag, goes to wake up Ji’Chira, who then ran immediately to heal the gang. He started with healing Astor, because he looked the most wounded and Astor has somehow not creeped out Ji’Chira once this adventure. This was a blessing.

Astor wakes up while Ji’Chira heals Ishroh, who would not wake up from the magical powers of HEALING!

While healing, Ji’Chira notices the body of the hag twitching while Vin was trying to chop off its head. Chira shouts to Vin, but it was too late. The body got up and charged Ishroh and just began to whoop his unconscious face into pudding. This assault woke up Ishroh, who woke up shouting “BIRDNARD!”

New round of combat begins. We won, woo hoo.

Astor finish cutting off the head while Vin went inside the house. Vin maybe possible, killed the hag children, but not the good children.

Astor finally revealed that he is FUCKING CRAZY as he carves out the left eye of the hag, buried it, and then etched and arcane sigil into the ground all with the same delicate elven knife.

We loot the house! Chira found a big ass tome with moving images of beasts. It’s basically a magical monster manual. Oh also there is a dagger in the spine of the book.

Ishroh notices something bundled up in a blanket. He pokes it with his staff. It began crying. Oh right our mission was to find some infants. This one appears unhealthy, but it isn’t a fiend.

Astor is reading letters he found on the desk while Vin maps the magical barrier.

Chira notes some blankets covering something in the corner of the house. Chira calls for Vin to lift it up, as Vin is clearly the most capable fighter in the group in case of traps. It was actually a lockbox. Some might even call it a treasure chest.

Proving that he isn’t crazy, Astor wiggles a rock at it. Wait, that’s a sign of a crazy person. Vin just bashes the lock.

Inside there are, 7 potions. one leaking, 2 cracked, and 4 fine. a total of 3 of them are healing potions, but one is the leaking potion. There is also one silk pouch bound slightly, a “small” locked box of money that the group didn’t unlock, a bundle of spices, and a dope ass wand.

The dope ass wand is silver, got some spiral loops, and at the end is a blue crystal shaped like fire.

We ended up taking pretty much all of it except for the two cracked potions and the leaking healing potions. Oh, the 2 fine potions that weren’t healing potions are alchemy fire that go off when exposed to air.

We note Astor still has the head of the hag….he plans to give it as proof to the mayor. Cause Astor is totally not crazy.

We go to the town, tell the mayor everything, Astor gives him the head, and also we brought the children back.

Ji’Chira checks on Pomi to make sure she is healing from the curse and to confirm that the hag was the only cause. Pomi seems to be healing and will be alright.

The gang slept at the inn.

The next day, a town meeting is happening. Thogo de Mayor is explaining to the townsfolk everything that happened. We’re totally heroes. The people are told not to go near the Clap Shack (Claptra the Hag’s home).

Vin suggests we go back to bury the bodies so the gang does just that. They then set off for Kadena on a nice, uneventful 2 days of travels.
Shit there’s a random encounter.

The Second Session

5/29/17 Session

Quick Retcon Section

The GM, Glorious Monir, misspoke last time. The quest giver’s child was actually the 7th child who went missing, not the 9th.

Interesting People

Huprick Tidina, Gnome farther to Camez
Camez Tidina, human 18 year old
Eckle Tidina, a blacksmith
Juutar, the innkeeper
Thogo, the mayor(?)
Vodge, the gnome “guard”
Adua, human alchemist “apprentice”
Clapra, a beautiful Human Woman who moved in 8 months ago. Oh wait, she’s a hag.
Mado, Pomi’s adult son who lives with her.

Locations of Interest

Queen’s Sword Blacksmith
Weary Hawk Lodge/Inn

What Our Mission Is For the Next Campaign

We must kill Clapra, the hag who has been taking the children and eating the infants! Also, moral dilemma! The children who have yet to do evil are also clearly hags. How will the party handle this?

Also Ji’Chira needs to be back in the gnome capital in 4 days! Can the party finish the mission in time?

Ji’Chira’s Spendings

Gained 500 gold!
Spend 220 on a dubious potion of growth and a dubious potion of firebreathing.

The Short Notes

We traveled for two days to the village. No incidents on either night.

We arrived to the village on the second night. The village was in a minor uproar, people were outside making a commotion and forming a mob with torches and pitchforks.

Vin suggests that the quest giver should lead us as a sign that we were with her and mean no harm to the village.

We learn that a day after Newa (quest giver) left, another child went missing.

Earlier today, a human child named Camez who recently turned 18 was snatched up while working at the farm. His adoptive father, a gnome by the name of Huprick, left the village looking for his boy.

We ask the villagers more details on the missing children, and gathered that all the children beside Camez were indeed gnomes (this is a gnome village), and were of various ages. Some were snatched from their cribs.

Ji’Chira asks if Pomi, the one night right in the head, was in the crowd, to which the crowd notice she was missing. She was last seen at her garden.

The villagers mention that about 8 months ago, Huprick found a cave in the forest, which he blocked the entrance of with stones.

Thogo, the mayor(?) of the village and the leader of the conversation, finally introduces himself.

We ask for Thogo to lead us to the farm, and for the mob to settle down.

When we arrive to the farm, we notice that someone is there. We ask Thogo if he knows the mysterious person, and he states that it is Pomi. She is currently crouched in the field where Camez was working.

There is a tentacle on the ground with drag marks leading to the forest. The tentacle was a little longer than 4 feet, has talons at the end, and the other end is covered in blue blood. The tentacle is not wet, but kind of slimey and a little squishy, like firmed tofu.

Vin picks up Pomi and burns the tentacle.

Ji’Chira tries to communicate with Pomi who is flailing about in Vin’s arms. Ji’Chira asks if she knows anything about the tentacle, and all she does is look towards the forest.

Astor tries to climb on Vin for reasons unknown, but Vin simply removes him.

Ji’Chira suggests to Thogo that they will establish a “flare system” for letting the villagers know how it is going in the forest. It was pointless.

Vin suggests putting all the children in one room under constant surveillance while Ji’Chira mentions the beast might be able to go invisible, which is how its been sneaking into town. Astor mentions he has a magical lamp that he bought from the auction that can see invisible things, which Vin and Ishroh both questioned.

Astor masks up and begins tracking the tracks.

Vin hands Ishroh a torch, as Vin needs both hands to use his might greatsword, but he needs light to see in the forest.

We get to the edge of the forest and we see the drag marks continue. Chira tells Vin and Ishroh to pay attention to all surroundings and up into the trees.

Both blue and red blood are now on the tracks.

Vin points out that there was no blood in between the farm and here.

Seeing the massive blood, Ji’Chira now questions the party what exactly everyone provides in combat and basically learns not a single person is cable of magic. But its ok, as the adventure went on, Ji’Chira discovers everyone has magical healing powers so some of his worries, most of his worries, would be relieved.

The party carries on for a little while until a tentacle attacked Ji’Chira! Ji’Chira tried to dodge, and shouts to the team to look out behind them!


The team won. Take that monster.

During combat, the team discovered that the beast is a gross floating brain-like creature with a bird-like beak and 8 tentacles with retractable talons. So, exactly like a female Goliath. Also Ishroh was picked up and almost taken away, but he was saved.

Vin examines the body, and using the torch, lights it on fire while the team heals their wounds from the battle.

We note that it had identical tentacles to the one found at the farm, but it wasn’t missing any tip, confirming the parties suspicions that there were more than one.

The group questions if the blood from earlier was a lethal amount for a gnome, and determined that it was, but not quite for a human. We examine the blood, determined dry enough to not be fresh, so it most likely belong to Camez. The party also concluded that it easily picked up Ihsroh, so the human child must have been heavier as the beast had to drag the human.

Chira stealths ahead and discovers a human size short sword and brings it back to the group. He continues forward, and about half an hour ahead, he found the cave entrance. It looked small, but the stones that we were told Huprick placed to seal it off have been put off to the side in a nice pyramid-like pile. In front of the cave entrance, the party noted gnome tracks.

We conclude that the kid was stabbed and paralyzed by the beast at the forest, but regained consciousness closer to the forest, explaining the increase in blood.

Exploring the cave, Ji’Chira takes the magical lantern and takes the lead. Chira notes that a rock is “off.” its been left upturned.

Oh right Ishroh is a bird man and thus he is potentially claustrophobic, but he handled himself well inside the cave. Good job Bird Man.

Chira and Vin look for traps. They don’t see any immediate traps, but do note that there is fresh blood trail.

Vin appraches the upturned rock and notices that it fits into a depression on the ground. Farther ahead, there are thin, cutout indention on both sides of the cave.

Chira brings the light closer to the blood, seeing a gnome body at the end of the hallway-esque cave. He also see that the indentions on the wall go about 30 feet and that the hallway is 75 feet long.

The indentions, the rock, the depression in the ground. It’s a big blade trap. The trap activates when the depression is coming back up after being pushed down. The small rock was what allowed the trap to go off.

Vin suggests jamming the trap, but puts the rock in his pocket.

Astor crawls along the floor to avoid the deactivated trap. The rest of the group simply walks.

The gnome is still alive, but unconscious. The party stabilizes him and then Vin puts him in his pack. No one batted an eye. It’s the natural thing to do. See a helpless gnome? Toss him into your pack. Not leave him be until we leave the cave. Not trying to wake him. You toss him into a bag. But Vin is a goliath. No one wants to fight that.

The hallway turns left. While Astor scouts ahead, Vin examines the stone and notes that it was carved to look natural, but it is not.

The hallway leads to a big room. inside that room, Astor notes there is a human size boedy against the wall, a smaller body off to the side, some bones, and a pile of “meat” in the center of the room being sliced by another one of these monsters. There is also a slightly bigger monster in the corner of the room.

The big one starts moving towards the human body. Astor attacked it with an eldritch blast and missed. He then runs in to get the monsters attention.


We won!

During combat, Vin backpack got hit, and the gnome fell out. It was a frightful moment. But the gnome is alright.

Vin and Astor check on the bodies. the human is alive, but parts of his skin are flayed off and there are a bunch of puncture wounds. The gnomish boy in the corner is really flayed up, but still alive. There are about two bodies worth of skeletons here and the body in the middle of the room is clearly dead.

The party notices that there is a table in the room with candles and papers. Ji’Chira checks the paper, note its arcane scrawl that he can not read. Chira notes that there is a magical circle on the floor. Chira can’t immediately identify the circle, but he knows it is some kind of summoning circle.

Chira sketches the circle onto a piece of paper while Vin stomps it out. Chira puts the papers in his bag, but notices that a piece of the monster’s skin falls out of the papers.

The party rests while inside the cave cause lol yolo why not k bai.

We leaven and make our way back to town.

We take the kids to the inn while Ishroh begins healing them up while the party tells Thogo everything that went down.

The party, noting that there weren’t any infant bodies in the cave, asks how many infants have gone missing. Thogo replies 4, which lines up with the number of unaccounted for children.

Vin wants to split up. Astor and Chira will examine the papers and talk around the town while Vin and Ishroh will go back and explore the cave.

Thogo gives the party 2000 gold! Thats like, 500 each!

Vin really wants armor, and goes seek Eckle Tidina who works at the blacksmith shop Queen’s Sword. He is the brother of Camez, son of Huprick.

The party then gathers a lot of names about individuals in town.

Juutar is the owner of the Weary Hawk, the inn.

Vodge is a gnome guard. Sorry. Gnome “Guard”. Double sorry, “Gnome guard”.

There is apparently an alchemist apprentice in this town, even though there is no proper alchemist. The apprentice has been here for a year. She is a young human named Adua.

Vin decides that he should take Vodge with them to the cave. He asks Vodge about his guard duties and how he trains. Vin is not impressed.

Chira and Astor deduced that the spell requires the flesh of what is wanted to be summoned and it works by attracting the beasts.

Vin and Ishroh explore the cave and notice that the circle is gone, the candle is gone, the flesh is gone, and the bodies are missing. Vodge then tells Vin and Ishroh about this woman named Clapra who lives just outside town. She’s a beautiful human who moved in 8 months ago. They also discover tracks that are new leading just slightly off from town.

Vin kicks over the rock pile outside and discovers tools used in building traps. He then teaches Vodge some combat techniques before the team heads back to the village.

Astor and Chira visit Auda the alchemist. She told the town she was an alchemist apprentice because she was too young to be taken serious. She claims she is good, but her potions have failure rate. Chira buys a dubious potion of firebreathing and a dubious potion of growth for 220.

Astor and Chira then visit Pomi’s residence. The person to answer the door was her son, Mado. Chira begins questioning Mado about Pomi and discover that she went crazy about 7 to 8 months ago. She hasn’t always been crazy, but she has always been a snoop and liked to wonder around town.

Astor and Chira then look for Pomi, and find her rummaging through some gardens. Ji’Chira casts detect magic and discover some magical traces about her.

Astor goes and waits for the others at the inn while Chira stays with Pomi.

The team arrives, meet up, and exchange information. We go find Clapra!

Along the main road to Clapra’s home (the Clap Shack), Ishroh notes there are just two posts lined up. Chira casts detect magic, and of course they’re some kind of magical trigger. The party walks around it. Later, we find EVEN MORE!!!!

Ji’Chira wonders if the magical lantern that reveals invisibility can also reveal the magical trigger the posts create, and through some glorious miracle intervention, or GM intervention for short, it does! We get to the house safe and sound.

Ji’Chira notes a hideous face in the window that was of bluish/purple color. She didn’t seem to see the people outside, but she heard us approaching and vanished from the window.

We call out Clapra, who opens the door. She is indeed beautiful…for now. She’s also pregnant. And also has a child. And also may or may not have another one or two inside the building. We are quite sure. Vin’s smelling isn’t what its used to be. Also Vin determines they were hags. And wait what, the monsters are Grells?

The First Session

5/15/17 Session

note, i took notes from just my perspective to start off before taking general notes.

Interesting People

Astor Lynwood
Arrow the Horse (Paul Walker)
Horip the Guard – gnome, back alley magic item seller; Ji’Chira is interested
Clerics of Narzeth
Garem – A wizard that deals with magic items; Vin is interested
Jepord – an auction guard
Tekes – An older gnome who is selling a meteorite chunk at the auction; Ji’Chira is interested
Newa – Missing Children Quest Giver
Pomi – Supposedly not quite right in the head, presumed to know some information about the missing children

Locations of Interest

Gnome Capital of Kadena – starting location, hub world
Triennial Magic Item Auction – major event happening in the hub world
Lil’Dickies – our inn
Big Al’s – a little person’s inn
Roda – Lost Children Village

What Our Mission Is For the Next Campaign

We got to save all of the children!!!

First child went missing a week and a half ago. The quest giver’s child is the 9th child to go missing. There is no consistency based off time for when the children went missing, but they have all been snatched while they were alone.
The Village (Roda) population is about 120 people and is set in an open plains with no village defenses like walls. When quest giver Newa left, she mentioned that there was no one from outside the village that stood out. The children going missing is almost like they vanished in thin air.
They have no suspects, but a forest is about a mile or two from the farmland. The only real clue is that “they found ‘something.’” Last week, Pomi, a villager not quite in the head, claims to have found a tentacle near the spot of where the 4th child presumably went missing. The village is not near a lake so the tentacle is a strange thing.
The village is 2 days of travel from Kadena.

Ji’Chira’s Spendings

1.5 Gold to stay one night at Lil Dickies
9 Gold for 6 extra days at Lil Dickies

The Short Notes

We start our adventures at the Gnome Capital of Kadena, a day before the triennial Magic Item Auction.

Ji’Chira did volunteer work to help set up the auction. While doing volunteer work, he learns rumors about Horip the Guard, a gnome magic item seller that is known to attracts wizards in “awkward/side locations,” such as alleyways.

The quest board, before being flooded with new requests from all the travelers due to the auction, is pretty clean of requests. There is one parchment which reads, “Equal Rights for Clerics of Narzeth”

Clerics of Narzeth used to openly work in shady/evil acts (like kidnapping and stuff), but recently have “mellowed out.” They have started using more subtle methods to serve their demon deity to clean up their image to establish themselves in the cities to increase their power/influence. so far, they have behaved themselves lawfully.

We all somehow find our way to Lil Dickies, a medium person tavern.

We wake up before dawn to all the commotion outside. People from all over the land have gathered for the auction. The streets are packed with people and carts and street merchants. The lobby of the tavern are also super packed. Vin triumphs through the crowd due to his massive side. Ji’Chira decides it would be better to just travel by rooftops. Ishroh stretches out his wings and flies out the window. Astor has no special means of travel. He tries to to follow in Pat’s wake.

Ji’Chira and Ishroh head straight for the auction. Vin stops for a pitcher of coffee while Astor manages to navigate the crowd inside Lil Dickies to get out side.

On his way, Ji’Chira notes the quest board. it is now completely full of notices, requests, and bounties. Someone is setting up a second board.

Astor stops by a watermelon street vendor. Astor asks the man if he knows about magic items, and the vendor did not. Astor gave him some hard sass, and the street vendor points towards the college, the direction he believed would be the best bet to find someone to identify a magic item. Astor gave him some gold for the information.

Vin leaves after finishing his coffee, with Ishroh deciding to follow. Vin notices the bird man as Ishroh lands to walk beside Vin. Vin is looking for someone to identify a magic item.

While walking, Vin decides to question why Ishroh has chosen to travel with him. Ishroh simply states that he just wants to zen out before an adventure and has questionable faith in the goliath.

Astor keeps looking for a man who can help him. He asks a student for more information.

While waiting for the auction to officially start, Ji’Chira checks out the quest board.
-Missing Miners
-Missing Mimers
-Bounty: Monster at the Light House (several people have posted their names, but the bounty still remains….they ded)
-Fancy parchment: Constant employment, sounds desperate
-Looking for adventure; Need help filling out my dreams!
-Vineyard in danger; Need Help
-A request written by a child; treasure found, need help getting it, will split 50/50
-Bounty: Iron Golem
-Clean a Haunted House
-Missing Children
-A big burly man just put up a request; Prank Gone Wrong
-Little Old Lady just posted a Village Mystery request.

Astor shows up to the quest board and asks Ji’Chira if he knows anything about magic items. Ji’Chira said, “No.” In Tabaxi, that means “No.”

Vin tried to set up a meeting earlier with Garem to try and identify his item.

Astor and Ji’Chira both head to the auction house. Astor is looking to spend his money. Ji’Chira is looking for any items that may relate to the mysteries of the world, which he sees that a man is claiming to have a chunk of the adamantium meteorite.

Astor wants to buy a magical lantern to detect invisible things.

Ji’Chira meets with the man selling the meteorite chunk after asking a guard (Jepord) to either let him into the seller’s room or ask for the seller to come outside. The meteorite chunk has been passed down from the family. He states that the chunk is glowing, like the meteor, but he notices no other qualities. The starting price starts at 20,000. The seller mentions that he has a journal at home written by the family memeber who found the meteorite with more information. At this point, Ji’Chira eventually asked the seller’s name. Its Tekes.

Vin and Ishroh are at the quest board and decided to take the missing children job. Vin decides he needs new armor, so he goes to see if he can find a blacksmith.

Astor successfully bought the lantern.

Vin failed to find a vendor with an armor of his size ready to sell.

Takes is staying at Big Al’s until the end of the week. While Ji’Chira waits for the week to end to receive the journal, he goes off to take a request.

It is at this point in the adventure it is discovered Vin has a steed named Paul Walker. Maybe just Paul. Maybe just Walker. It’s actually Arrow. Maybe Paul Walker.

Astor is also at the quest board, he signs up for the missing children’s quest as Ji’Chira watches. Ji’Chira decides to also sign up for the quest.

Ishroh was the first to arrive at the quest, followed by Ji’Chira, then Vin riding Paul Walker. Eventually Astor shows up too.

We head off for the quest.

The Birth of a Nameless Place
Lay of the Land

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