The Untold History of Inoa

The First Session

5/15/17 Session

note, i took notes from just my perspective to start off before taking general notes.

Interesting People

Astor Lynwood
Arrow the Horse (Paul Walker)
Horip the Guard – gnome, back alley magic item seller; Ji’Chira is interested
Clerics of Narzeth
Garem – A wizard that deals with magic items; Vin is interested
Jepord – an auction guard
Tekes – An older gnome who is selling a meteorite chunk at the auction; Ji’Chira is interested
Newa – Missing Children Quest Giver
Pomi – Supposedly not quite right in the head, presumed to know some information about the missing children

Locations of Interest

Gnome Capital of Kadena – starting location, hub world
Triennial Magic Item Auction – major event happening in the hub world
Lil’Dickies – our inn
Big Al’s – a little person’s inn
Roda – Lost Children Village

What Our Mission Is For the Next Campaign

We got to save all of the children!!!

First child went missing a week and a half ago. The quest giver’s child is the 9th child to go missing. There is no consistency based off time for when the children went missing, but they have all been snatched while they were alone.
The Village (Roda) population is about 120 people and is set in an open plains with no village defenses like walls. When quest giver Newa left, she mentioned that there was no one from outside the village that stood out. The children going missing is almost like they vanished in thin air.
They have no suspects, but a forest is about a mile or two from the farmland. The only real clue is that “they found ‘something.’” Last week, Pomi, a villager not quite in the head, claims to have found a tentacle near the spot of where the 4th child presumably went missing. The village is not near a lake so the tentacle is a strange thing.
The village is 2 days of travel from Kadena.

Ji’Chira’s Spendings

1.5 Gold to stay one night at Lil Dickies
9 Gold for 6 extra days at Lil Dickies

The Short Notes

We start our adventures at the Gnome Capital of Kadena, a day before the triennial Magic Item Auction.

Ji’Chira did volunteer work to help set up the auction. While doing volunteer work, he learns rumors about Horip the Guard, a gnome magic item seller that is known to attracts wizards in “awkward/side locations,” such as alleyways.

The quest board, before being flooded with new requests from all the travelers due to the auction, is pretty clean of requests. There is one parchment which reads, “Equal Rights for Clerics of Narzeth”

Clerics of Narzeth used to openly work in shady/evil acts (like kidnapping and stuff), but recently have “mellowed out.” They have started using more subtle methods to serve their demon deity to clean up their image to establish themselves in the cities to increase their power/influence. so far, they have behaved themselves lawfully.

We all somehow find our way to Lil Dickies, a medium person tavern.

We wake up before dawn to all the commotion outside. People from all over the land have gathered for the auction. The streets are packed with people and carts and street merchants. The lobby of the tavern are also super packed. Vin triumphs through the crowd due to his massive side. Ji’Chira decides it would be better to just travel by rooftops. Ishroh stretches out his wings and flies out the window. Astor has no special means of travel. He tries to to follow in Pat’s wake.

Ji’Chira and Ishroh head straight for the auction. Vin stops for a pitcher of coffee while Astor manages to navigate the crowd inside Lil Dickies to get out side.

On his way, Ji’Chira notes the quest board. it is now completely full of notices, requests, and bounties. Someone is setting up a second board.

Astor stops by a watermelon street vendor. Astor asks the man if he knows about magic items, and the vendor did not. Astor gave him some hard sass, and the street vendor points towards the college, the direction he believed would be the best bet to find someone to identify a magic item. Astor gave him some gold for the information.

Vin leaves after finishing his coffee, with Ishroh deciding to follow. Vin notices the bird man as Ishroh lands to walk beside Vin. Vin is looking for someone to identify a magic item.

While walking, Vin decides to question why Ishroh has chosen to travel with him. Ishroh simply states that he just wants to zen out before an adventure and has questionable faith in the goliath.

Astor keeps looking for a man who can help him. He asks a student for more information.

While waiting for the auction to officially start, Ji’Chira checks out the quest board.
-Missing Miners
-Missing Mimers
-Bounty: Monster at the Light House (several people have posted their names, but the bounty still remains….they ded)
-Fancy parchment: Constant employment, sounds desperate
-Looking for adventure; Need help filling out my dreams!
-Vineyard in danger; Need Help
-A request written by a child; treasure found, need help getting it, will split 50/50
-Bounty: Iron Golem
-Clean a Haunted House
-Missing Children
-A big burly man just put up a request; Prank Gone Wrong
-Little Old Lady just posted a Village Mystery request.

Astor shows up to the quest board and asks Ji’Chira if he knows anything about magic items. Ji’Chira said, “No.” In Tabaxi, that means “No.”

Vin tried to set up a meeting earlier with Garem to try and identify his item.

Astor and Ji’Chira both head to the auction house. Astor is looking to spend his money. Ji’Chira is looking for any items that may relate to the mysteries of the world, which he sees that a man is claiming to have a chunk of the adamantium meteorite.

Astor wants to buy a magical lantern to detect invisible things.

Ji’Chira meets with the man selling the meteorite chunk after asking a guard (Jepord) to either let him into the seller’s room or ask for the seller to come outside. The meteorite chunk has been passed down from the family. He states that the chunk is glowing, like the meteor, but he notices no other qualities. The starting price starts at 20,000. The seller mentions that he has a journal at home written by the family memeber who found the meteorite with more information. At this point, Ji’Chira eventually asked the seller’s name. Its Tekes.

Vin and Ishroh are at the quest board and decided to take the missing children job. Vin decides he needs new armor, so he goes to see if he can find a blacksmith.

Astor successfully bought the lantern.

Vin failed to find a vendor with an armor of his size ready to sell.

Takes is staying at Big Al’s until the end of the week. While Ji’Chira waits for the week to end to receive the journal, he goes off to take a request.

It is at this point in the adventure it is discovered Vin has a steed named Paul Walker. Maybe just Paul. Maybe just Walker. It’s actually Arrow. Maybe Paul Walker.

Astor is also at the quest board, he signs up for the missing children’s quest as Ji’Chira watches. Ji’Chira decides to also sign up for the quest.

Ishroh was the first to arrive at the quest, followed by Ji’Chira, then Vin riding Paul Walker. Eventually Astor shows up too.

We head off for the quest.

The Birth of a Nameless Place
Lay of the Land

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Quick Retcon Section

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Interesting People

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Locations of Interest

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What Our Mission Is For the Next Campaign

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Swindler’s List

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The Short Notes

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